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inventing new words to fit new products

5. 12. 2006


an alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book or body of work, with their immediate contexts )

12. 12. 2006

Contextual definition

Definition by putting the word in a context

31. 10. 2006


What has to be defined

31. 10. 2006


Genus proximum + diferencia specifica

31. 10. 2006


( Wikipedia ( ) 3.1.07)

In linguistics, a deictic expression is an expression that refers to the personal, temporal, or spatial aspect of an utterance, and whose meaning therefore depends on the context in which it is used

19. 12. 2006


a word that has the same spelling as another word, but a different meaning. Example: The spelling to cleave may denote to adhere to or to divide or split

14. 11. 2006


    a word that has the same pronunciation and spelling as another word, but a different meaning. Example: The word stalk, meaning either part of a plant or to follow (someone) around.

14. 11. 2006


a word that has the same pronunciation as another word, but whose meaning and/or spelling are different, . Example: All of to, too, and two, or there, their, and they’re ( )

14. 11. 2006


A hypertext document is a text either with conventional hierarchical parts or as a complex network of parts. Actually, every document in the world wide web is a hypertext.

17. 10. 2006


A word or phrase whose semantic range is included within that of another word

24. 10. 2006


  • function ( external structure)

  • marks the relation of words to their context

  • no change in the basic meaning of words

  • form ( internal structure)

  • affix ( prefix, suffix, infix), superfix, stem vowel change

05. 12. 2006


- Organisation of context

- organisation of lexical entries in the body of a dictionary

- tree, network, list

07. 11. 2006


Overall structure,


abbreviations, pronunciation, ..., body

back matter

07. 11. 06


What linkes lexical entries

words linked within definitions, cross references

07. 11. 2006


catalogue information about the production of the

dictionary, intended for dictionary identification

24.10. 2006


Metaphors are verbal models, except that their relation to

reality is in general much more subjective.

24. 10. 2006


organisation of lexical entries

  • consistent organisation of lexical information within lexical entries in the dictionary

  • Meaning: semantics, pragmatics

  • Structure: Syntax ( text, phrase), morphology ( inflexion, word formation)

  • Appearance: form ( spelling, orthography)

07. 11. 2006


ostensive definitions, in that they are intended

to help us understand something with reference to reality,

except that the pointer to a segment of reality is replaced


an iconic representation

of a segment of reality

which is simplified, stylised, idealised,

and has artefactual properties not shared by reality.

24. 10. 2006


grammatical morpheme ( structural morpheme)

  • closed set

  • free: prepositions, auxiliary verbs, conjunctions

  • bound: affixes, suffixes

lexical morphemes ( content morpheme, root)

  • open set

05. 12. 2006


structure of words

inflect to their environment

example „this person – these people“

5. 12. 2006

Onomasiological dictionary

Writer's dictionary/ encoding dictionary

17. 10. 2006

Ostensive Definition

conveys the meaning of a term by pointing out examples

24. 10. 2006

Paradigmatic relations

relation of similarity and difference



ryme ( partly similar)

5. 12. 2006


function: „smallest word – distinguishing segment“

internal structure: “configuations of distinctive phonetic features”

external structure (see syllables)

rendering: “contextual variants”, “allophones”

28. 11. 2006


a word or phrase with multiple, related meanings.

14. 11. 2006


A portfolio is a collection of works to be used as a learner's diary and/ or a glossary. It is important to assess your learning outcome and to prepare for examinations.

17. 10. 2006

Recursive Definition

defines something in terms of itself

base condition + recursive def. + exclusive definition

24. 10. 2006

30. 10. 2006

Sema Semasiological dictionary

Reader's dictionary/ decoding dictionary

17. 10. 2006

Standard dictionary definition

Definitio per genus proximum et differentia specifica

definition by nearest kind and specific differences

24. 10. 2006


function: “word distinguishing phoneme configurations”

internal structure: “configurations of sequential features (consonantal, vocalic; voiced, unvoiced; ...) and simultaneous features (tone, accent)

external structure (word)

rendering: a function of the rendering of phonemes

28. 11. 2006

Syntacmatic relations

composition of relation


put small pieces together to make a big one


05. 12. 2006


Wikipedia ( 2.1.07) : In linguistics, syntax is the study of the rules, or "patterned relations", that govern the way words combine to form phrases and phrases combine to form sentences. The word originates from the Greek words συν (syn), meaning "co-" or "together", and τάξις (táxis), meaning "sequence, order, or arrangement". The combinatory behavior of words is governed to a first approximation by their part of speech.

Syntax is the structure of sentences

Syntax= Grammar= the order of words in a sentence

19. 12. 2006


once only the science of classifying living organisms, but later the word was applied in a wider sense, and may also refer to either a classification of things, or the principles underlying the classification

24. 10. 2006


A text is a document, a novel as well as an advertisement, which consists of sentences or even only words.

    Its main properties are

    - appearance (the media (novel, newspaper, ...)

    - meaning (semantics, pragmatics)

    - structure (formulation)

17. 10. 2006


a computational tool developed by the SIL International

a database application that interlinearizes, analyses and stores text and can convert this into an alphabetically ordered dictionary

12. 12. 2006


A website is an online hypertext document with embedded document objects as well as liked document objects and therefore a text

17.10. 2006

Word formation

function ( external structure)

  • creation of new words / parts of speech / meanings

  • principle infinite extendability of the lexicon

    Form (internal structure)

  • Root/morpheme creation (blending, abbreviation, ...)

  • Derivation: 1 stem + affix (prefix, suffix, infix), superfix, vowel change

  • Compounding: 2 stems, perhaps with interfix or inflection-like affix

5. 12. 2006